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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MTMC ?

MTMC is a medical marketplace aggregator platform that connects healthcare providers and patients together. MTMC is ideal for people seeking information on surgery or treatment, air ticket and Hotel booking abroad. Patients can search, compare and inquire with hospitals and doctors worldwide. They can compare pricing, hospital facilities, doctor qualifications, as well as read reviews from fellow patients so they can make the most informed decision about their treatment options.
Do I have to pay to use MTMC ?

No, it is completely free to use MTMC! MTMC platform can be used booking online procedures at your choices by paying 1% of the procedure cost and the remaining can be paid at our associate partner Hospitals. This 1% charges is for your Booking confirmation.

For Booking your Air-ticket or Hotel, you have to pay 100% in advance as per the airlines or Hotels Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Please read through the Terms and Condition before booking.

Step-by-step, how does the process work ?

After you visit MTMCGLOBAL.COM and have decided on your procedure(s) , here is a simplified breakdown to guide you through the medical travel process:

    1. Send inquiries to our associated partner Hospitals of interest and provide information on medical condition and history by uploading your medical documents for scrutinisation.
    2. You should hear back from all Hospital’s within 48 hours of contacting them.
    3. You can ask multiple Quotations and compare cost and providers and decide on which provider you would like to proceed with.
    4. Book Procedure by selecting the best offer made by providers with the 1% booking confirmation and further VISA assistance from Hospitals.
    5. On your Booking confirmation of Hospital, MTMCGLOBAL.COM platform allows you to select the option of booking Air-lines and Hotels Booking as well through our platform.
    6. Finalize your procedures and trip itinerary (including all required medical & travel documents).
    7. Depart for your chosen destination/hospital.
    8. Greeted by your international coordinator or facilitator at the airport.
    9. Meet your doctor for the initial consultation.
    10. Undergo your procedure.
    11. Recuperate and relax through our post-surgery Rehab centres if you wish to book for it.
    12. Travel home back with a happy memory.
    13. You can give your feedback on your experience to your fellow medical traveller from your country through platform.

Rehab Center (Post-operative Care Center):

Some of the Issues Medical Tourists Face Post-Discharge:

    1. Finding affordable guesthouse/accommodation close to a hospital
    2. Receiving nursing care or doctor supervision while recovering from their surgery
    3. Communicating with non-medical/medical staff due to language barriers
    4. Logistical issues pertaining to transportation/dining etc.

Why this is Relevant for Medical Tourism Patients?

    1. 24/7 nursing care and daily doctor supervision
    2. Fully equipped physiotherapy rehabilitation center with a team of in-house physiotherapists
    3. Nursing staff fluent in Arabic with professional experience in the Middle East/North Africa
    4. Individually tailored diet plans and meal provisions
    5. Close proximity to few of our partner hospitals (Apollo, Continental, Yashoda etc.)
The same procedure costs so much less compared to other countries such as U.S.A. Am I compromising on quality of healthcare?

We aim to maintain the highest quality bar for healthcare consumers, so we ensure all hospitals listed with us are JCI & NABH (internationally or nationally) accredited and approved by our board after detailed research and scrutiny.

How should I pick a country for my medical travel ?

The decision for where to get your treatment is entirely up to you. We try to provide the necessary information to help with your decision. If you are unsure where to start please contact us at and we’ll be happy to assist you.

What criteria are used to select hospitals that are listed on MTMC ?

We aim to maintain the highest quality bar for healthcare consumers, so we ensure all hospitals listed with us are internationally or nationally accredited and approved by our board after detailed research and scrutiny.

I’m looking for a specific hospital but can’t find it on MTMC

We are constantly expanding and growing our hospital network. Please tell us which hospital you are interested in seeing on MTMC. You can do so by emailing us at

I cannot find a hospital that meets my requirements. What should I do ?

We’re sorry you weren’t able to find a hospital that meets your requirements. Please contact our customer service department at and tell us of your specific requirements so our team can assist further to meet your needs.

Is the price provided by the hospital my final procedure Price ?

The price given by the Hospital’s is the estimated cost for that procedure based on your medical condition document submits to us. Once you arrived at the hospitals, you will be re-examined your current condition and get an approximate cost specific to your case based on your condition, medical history, and treatment needs. This actual cost may vary depending on your current condition and after re-evaluation by Hospitals but the cost varies 10%+ or 10%- on the tentative cost given to you while booking.

The cost can be further negotiated if required by MTMC.

For Post-Operative Care center, you have to co-ordinate with MTMC and book separately if you wish to.

What is included in the price provided by the hospital?

When the care provider responds to your inquiry with a quote, they will include information on what the price covers. Typically the quote includes consultation, necessary tests, cost of the procedure and stay in the hospital. However, every hospital has its own pricing structure so you should get specifics from the hospital. If it is still unclear, you can always send the provider a message to ask for clarification.
Can I get some cost advantages booking through MTMC ?

Yes the price is always comparable what we provide you through our platform. You too get a complementary Pickup, Drop, Translator, Food Choices, Special Personalise attention, Local Site-seeing and shopping.
How do I know if a provider participates in my insurance ?

We are already listing it out all the global Insurance Companies associated with our Partner Hospitals. Please check with the provider to confirm whether they accept your insurance before Booking.

I have no idea where to start, can you help me ?

Please contact our customer service department at and tell us more and we will do our best to meet your needs.

I don't know when I will be able to undergo a procedure. Do I have to choose a date when reaching out to a hospital ?

If you are unsure of the timeframe you can pick a tentative date. The dates can always be modified later based on mutual consent between Hospital and Patient. But MTMC advice all its patient to book 15 days in advance to plan the Medical Travel well and save potentially on the cost.

How long will the hospital take to get back to me ?

You should hear back from the hospital within 48 hours. Please feel free to contact us if any further query at so that we can follow up on your behalf.

What will you do with my reports ?

We are a technology driven company. We maintain very high standards with respect to our entire patient’s confidentiality and privacy, including the transfer of sensitive materials at all times. With your permission, our MTMC platform will only send your records to the providers of your choice. Your data will not be used for any other purpose and will be secure at all times.

What factors should I consider while choosing a hospital ?

While booking a hospital one should pay attention to hospital quality, treatments provided, cost, hospital and Patient/Doctor’s reviews. You can very soon see the information regarding speciality wise best preferred Hospitals in our platform and its ranking done by third party organisation who publishes it at our national papers.

How do I know which doctor to choose ?

You should choose the right Hospitals where you get treated. You may not avail the best Doctors always rather we advise to choose a good Hospital where you get an amazing experience the entire process. You still have an option to go through the profile of Doctors and ask for a 2nd opinion by requesting a Video Conferencing before finalising the Booking.

Can I choose my own Flights and hotels according to my budget ?

Yes, there are no obligations on which flight to choose and where to stay. This is entirely your choice.

After reaching my treatment destination, how do I go about with my medical trip ?

MTMC coordinators are appointed for each and every patient who will be assisting you from the time of your arrival till you way back home. Their sole function is to provide you with all assistance that you may need. They will ensure that transportation arrangement, Hospital Registration and appointment, Police verification, Currency Exchange, Accommodation, Food of your choice are taken care. MTMC personalise all its patients need.

I can only speak in my native language – how will I get around ?

Our partner Hospitals provides Language translator service for your assistance during the entire process. Please request with the hospital for your specific language needs.

Do I have the option to cancel the procedure before or after I have arrived and met the doctors ?

It is your decision to undergo a procedure or not. You always have the right to change your plans. We recommend you to take the decision before booking, so that you can save your travel and time cost. Cancelation charges applicable as per the policy and terms and condition.

How do I make payments ?

Since we have integrated our Payment gateway service, you can pay 1% of the tentative Quotation amount as booking confirmation amount and the remaining 99% can be paid at the Hospitals directly before the procedure.

For Ex: If Procedure Cost is 1000 USD, then 1% payment i.e, 10 USD pay through MTMC online Payment gateway and the remaining 99% payment i.e, 990 USD payment can be made at Hospital over the counter.

How much money do I need to carry with me ?

You should carry the currency with you to cover the costs of your medical treatment and accommodations and your other needs (food, entertainment, shopping etc.)

What about follow-up care after I return from my trip ?

Our goal is to ensure you have a great memorable experience, during and after you return back to your home country. Once you return home, we are still at your service and will gladly do our best to make sure that your needs have been taken care for further co-ordination from our end.