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General Services

General Services

Assistance with Treatment Details:

Prior to finalizing your travel, we will provide you with the opinion of our consultants based on the clinical details and reports as shared by you via email / fax / courier

Remote Consultations via Tele / Video Conference:

A remote consultation can be organized with our consultants to discuss at length the nature of treatment required, the complexities involved, the duration of stay needed, possible costs for the entire treatment and various other queries that may need prior discussions

Assistance with Visa and Travel Documents::

Our team will provide complete assistance with the necessary visa formalities required to travel to India for the required treatment. Once the treatment is confirmed, we will mail a visa invitation letter to the respective Indian Embassy with a copy to the patient, making mention of the name as on passport, passport number and the modality of suggested treatment with the duration of stay advised

Airport Transfers

Our Patient Relationship Executive will receive the patient at the airport on arrival and organize their travel to our hospital. Post receipt of the flight / travel details from the patient, a confirmation will be provided with details of the executive present to receive the patient at the airport. In case of any concerns post arrival, the patient can contact our executive for assistance

Pre-Admission Accommodation:

We will assist with pre-admission accommodation for the patient and his family, if required. MTMC has its well-appointed service apartments opposite the hospital to provide its patients with comfortable stay at subsidized costs. The apartments are equipped with a kitchen to allow the patient / relatives prepare their own meals as per the local flavour, thereby enhancing the experience of their stay while providing a homely environment

Scheduling of Consultations

Post arrival of the patient, MTMC will schedule appointments with the concerned specialists for consultations and investigations, based on the patient's complaints and reports, as received via email prior to the patient's arrival

Registration & Admission:

MTMC will have support the patient registered and process the admission of the patient, if advised by the treating consultant. Post completion of all formalities, the patient will be directly wheeled in to his room. All efforts are made to ensure that the patient receives maximum care and is not inconvenienced by any pre-required paper or administrative work

Legal Registrations:

As per the laws of India, every international patient has to get registered with the local FRRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Office) within 14 days of arrival and apply for a Residence Permit ('A' Form). MTMC in association with Hospitals will organize and process all documents required for this application. The patient is advised to bring along 10 passport sized photographs, as the same are required for the above procedures

Payment Options:

The patient can make payments towards his treatment in cash, by bank transfer, using international credit cards or via international accredited insurance companies. For further details, kindly mail us the modality of payment being considered along with the queries regarding the same

Language Interpretation Services:

Complete assistance with language interpretation is provided in association with Hospitals to all our patients to ensure that they face no difficulty in communicating their concerns to doctors. Interpreters for Arabic, Kurdish, French, Amharic and other international languages provide their services at hospitals to international patients

Local Sight-Seeing:

Local sightseeing tours can be organized for patients and their relatives, as requested. A tour guide is provided to accompany the patient / relatives for such tours to ensure that they are comfortable and enjoy the local culture and shopping experiences

Visa Information

A medical visa (MED Visa) is granted to a foreigner whose sole purpose of visiting India is to seek medical treatment in specialized /recognized/ established Hospitals/treatment centres in India.

Travel Advisory:

All foreigners must get inoculated against Yellow Fever at least 10 (ten) days prior to applying or the Visa and must produce genuine & valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Card both at the Visa Counter of this Embassy and at the Indian airport/check-post of entry.

Forex Advisory:

Please note as per Government of India foreign exchange rules (FEMA) all patients / passengers travelling to India and carrying currency more than US $ 5000 or travellers cheques more than US $ 10000 are required to declare the same as per the Customs Declaration Form (CDF) and carry with them the CDF form as proof of currency brought into the country.

Documents Needed for Medical Visa Application:

  • Original passport valid for a minimum of 6 months (or for the validity requested, if greater)
  • A photocopy of the data page of the passport
  • Two (2) photographs of the size of 50mm X 50mm i.e. 2 inch x 2 inch with light background. Photos should be glued on your forms in the box provided on pages 1 and 2 of the online form.(Check the Photo Specification details below)
  • Visa application form duly filled in online Your form should be signed in the box under the photograph on page 1 and at the end of page-2. Your signatures should match with the signature printed on your passport.
  • Applicant must provide his/her own contact details including E-mail ID. If found somebody else's/false, visa may be refused.
  • Typed Referral letter in original on letterhead with contact details, duly stamped and signed from a well reputed hospital/medical institute after examination of the patient's condition specifying the nature of the patient's illness and the reason for referring the patient for medical treatment to the established/specialized/recognised medical Institute/hospital concerned in India.
  • Typed Admission letter on letterhead, duly stamped and signed with contact details, from the hospital/medical Institute in India, which must also be e-mailed by the hospital authorities to High Commission with a copy to the applicant, specifying the nature of the medical treatment to be undertaken along with the start and end date of this treatment.
  • A certified bank statement of last three months/guarantee letter issued by the bank in the name of the applicant, testifying his/her ability to meet expenses to cover medical and living expenses in India for the duration of the medical treatment. In case of sponsorship, an affidavit from the sponsor along with a copy of his/her Identity Card/Passport copy is to be attached.
  • For more details Please visit

NOTE: Additional documents may also be required of you at the time of interview at the discretion of the Consular Officer.

Important Notice:

  • Yellow fever vaccination for all except infants under six months and polio vac/IPV for all residents, except third country foreign nationals, are compulsory for travelling to india.
  • Oral polio vaccination/IPV only for residents of seven polio-affected countries (Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria, and Somalia) is a mandatory requirement for visiting India from 01/03/2014. OPV/IPV certificate to be carried along is valid for one year from the date of administering it.

Photo Specifications

For any Indian visa application, you are required to provide one or more photographs depending on the visa category requested. Your photos should meet the specifications established by the Indian Government. Please follow these instructions carefully. If photos do not meet the requirements indicated below, your application will be considered incomplete and will be refused.

Size Of Photographs

  • It is obligatory that your photo is square and measures 50mm X 50mm i.e. 2 inch x 2 inch.
  • Photos should date less than 6 months and should perfectly resemble the applicant on the day of application.
  • Colour: Photos should be in colour with a white background. Black and white photos will not be accepted.
  • Quality: Scanned or bad quality photos will be refused. Photos should be clean, not torn or creased and printed on standard photo paper.
  • Background: Background should be white. Photos with a coloured or fantasy background will be refused.
  • Framing: Photos should be taken showing the head and shoulders. The face should be centred in the frame and not turned to one side, taken between 70% and 80% of the height of the photo.
  • Expression: Subjects should have a neutral expression, with a closed mouth.
  • Hair: Hair should not cover the face.
  • Eyes: Subjects should be looking forward, with their eyes open. Glasses frames should be subtle and not block the eyes. Photos showing tinted glasses or red eyes will be refused.
  • Head coverings: Head coverings will not be accepted. The Indian Government will accept any accessories worn for religious, ethnic beliefs or antecedents provided that the face remains entirely visible.

Instructionson Using the Photos

  • Your first photo should be glued on the form in the box provided on page 1 of your application form. This photo will be scanned and will appear on your visa.
  • Your second photo should be glued on the bottom right hand corner of page 2 of your application form.
  • At least two photos will be required: all photos provided must be identical.